Why Choose Us

Scarlett Consulting Engineering Commissioning PLLC., came into being in 2015, after years of observing the lack of quality services for small to medium sized business, in addition to lack of available Professional Engineering Firm that are Minority Business Enterprises. Robert Scarlett P.E. (NY, FL), has practiced at several notable firms throughout the country, namely, AKF-Engineers (NY-CT), Steven Feller PE (FL), JJA INC (TX). Additionally, he worked with Parsons Brinckerhoff, inspecting mechanical systems for the New York City’s School Construction Authority (SCA), where he inspected over 900 schools' systems. Prior to starting SCEC PLLC, Robert worked for the NYC Department of Buildings, where he was instrumental in implementing The City’s premier sustainability law, Local Law 87 (LL87). He has reviewed over 800 projects, and comprehensively audited over 80 of said projects.. Although there are varying requirements with respect to the disparate AHJs, there was one constant being observed, small to mid-sized business were always under served. It was not that the quality firms did not want their business, it was a simply that the firms could not economically dedicate the kind of manpower that would deliver the standard of care that is customarily delivered. At Scarlett Consulting Engineering Commissioning PLLC., our service is scalable, thus providing optimal service to small and medium sized businesses. Being small business ourselves, we understand the value of both time and hard earned capital, we strive to not waste either. For all your MEP, Energy Assessment, Commissioning, LL87 & LL84 (both specific to New York City), Boiler Inspections and Commissioning, LL77 –the Cooling Tower law- (specific to New York City), and Due diligence study etc, we are available to assist you not only as your service providing professional, but as organization that is invested in your peace of mind.

Our Client Commitment

Our commitment to the team concept requires that the mechanical and electrical engineering of a project support the architectural and interior design concepts which have been approved by the client. As engineers, we look for inventive methods and solutions to maintain the integrity of the design, comply with codes and meet the best case scenario regarding design & construction costs As a new and emerging firm, it is incumbent on us to meet the client's expectations with the best qualified engineers, designers, draftsmen, and administrative personnel. This enables SCEC PLLC’s associates, officers and principals to provide personal attention to our client’s needs, assuring them that their Value is Our Engineering, and that they are within the agreed budget. We are not only committed to the design areas of the project, but once the construction documents are completed and the contractors are selected, we will meet with the client/architect and the assigned contractors to review the MEP design and resolve any areas of concern. During the construction of the project, our company commits itself to prompt shop drawing review and periodic site observations to assure that the project’s design intent and compliance with code are being met. The contractor’s requests for information or clarifications, extensive final punch listing and witness testings of the completed MEP construction are performed promptly and professionally. This commitment assures the client that SCEC PLLC will not only provide the design for the project, but will also provide engineering services through the entire construction and startup occupancy phases. Additionally, we remain available to resolve any issues that arise naturally or as a result of system changes as the projects ages.

Minority Status

Our Firm is currently certified MBE (PANYNJ, NYS, NYC), Black owned, professional engineering services firm.

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